15+ Questions to Ask at Admitted Students Day

Want to know what life’s really like for IR majors at SJU? Chat up the real experts on campus—the students.

When you attend admitted students day, make sure you talk with as many current students as you can. Ask them what they love most about SJU and their academic program. This list of potential questions will help you spark some conversations with IR majors, and make you feel confident about your #SJUDecision.

  1. Why did you declare an IR major?
  2. Do you have any minors?
  3. What minors and/or additional majors are popular amongst IR students?
  4. What is it like to be a first-year student?
  5. What is a typical day at SJU like?
  6. What do you do when you’re not in class?
  7. Do you have a mentor?
  8. How are faculty advisors assigned?
  9. Are internships available? How do you find them?
  10. How many students partake in internships?
  11. Are there opportunities to build leadership skills on campus? Off campus?
  12. What are recent alumni from the IR program doing?
  13. What is your favorite class so far?
  14. What is the faculty like?
  15. Did you study abroad?

Specifically, ask an IR major about:

  • Sigma Iota Rho
  • The Washington Center
  • The Philadelphia Area Internship Program
  • The Brussels Internship Program at the Leuven Institute
  • Summer Scholars

This year, Admitted Students day is April 7th and 8th. Stop by the International Relations table at the Academic Fair from 1-3:30 pm in Doyle Banquet Hall (Campion Student Center) to meet current students and faculty! 


International Relations majors Suzy DiDonna (left) and Liz Mitchell (right) waiting to meet students at the 2017 Admitted Students Day.





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